About Us

SINODI CONSOLIDATED MANUFACTURING and SINODI IMP & EXP CO. was founded in 2001 and is a first class technical, production and support services group with various partnerships in production factories. We work as a union of factories and enterprises linked by capital, technical, infrastructure, and support services.
Our products are varied and classified in several fields such as Optical Products, Building Materials, Furniture, and Households and FMCG Products along with R&D of components as well as manufacturing of accessories and machinery to be used in retail as well as industrial sectors of the trade.SINODI MFG. GROUP has a strong technical and marketing team and our company offers wide range of services. We have 13 subsidiaries of production factories. Our production basis span across several industrial cities of China such as Danyang, Wuxi, Wenzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Heibei etc. which mostly concentrated in the above sectors.
Our operating principle is of customer satisfaction with quality and reliability and efficient service. We are a totally customer oriented company and strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our result driven team will help you the best suited cost effective component to turn your creative ideas into successful products.